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Atomic Management System

Hi, I'm Mike Burke. 

I started my career managing a three person customer service team and ultimately earned the right to lead Six Divisions of a Fortune 50 Company!


During my almost three decades of management leadership I developed a step by step system that consistently earned me earn more responsibility.


Now I call my system the Atomic Management System.


I share my proven system with managers that want to lead their team to levels that no one before them could ever imagine.



So what is this Atomic Management System?


#1.  Atomic isn’t a fad management system; it's a habit changing step by step solution!

To keep your area of responsibility operating at a high level, you need a real-world management system that works in your real-world.

Atomic guides you to easily change the way you interact with your employees, peers, and boss.

These small changes lead to sustainable, productive habits that help you constantly operate your area of responsibility at a high level.


 #2.  Atomic is a universal management system designed to:

Get your employees to achieve YOUR goals, have them consider you their best manager ever, and tell your boss.

Have your Peers/Other Managers do what you need done, and brag about you to your boss.

Make your BOSS eager to promote you!


#3.  Within the Atomic System you develop a personalized management plan you can realistically follow for an entire career.

Using your unique situations, Atomic creates a personalized plan for your world.

Each course teaches you how to interact during virtually any situation positively.

You'll discover the best strategies that work for you by tapping into the power of the Atomic Management System.


What Does it Mean to be an Atomic Manager?


Never gives up

No excuse

Pushes through

Gets it done

Takes decisive action

Is confident

Believes in themselves

Stays focused

Is unstoppable


How Atomic Managers Define Themselves?


I design my own luck

I build my own empires

I define my own destiny

I change the world

I am just one success away

I am an Atomic Manager

"I had the pleasure of starting out my sales career with Mike as my division manager. Especially as a new rep, I faced some challenges that I felt I wasn’t prepared for and that he was never afraid of addressing. We broke difficult situations down and went after them together as a team giving me confidence and experience in order to face future challenges on my own. He believed in personal development and product training, never denying anything that would benefit a growing, successful career. I always felt like I had someone in my corner and the only way I could fail is if I didn’t believe in myself as much as he did. I believe Mike will be successful no matter what he decides to do in life because he has the drive to do so."

Jessica Wines
Packaging and Facilities Supplies Account Manager at Veritiv

"I have worked with and admire the change management skill of Mike Burke. Mike has the ability to help teams define a path to the future, determine stakeholders and action plans, and most importantly execute the master plan. His positive attitude in a change environment is contagious. If your business plans require significant change, Mike Burke can help you make it become a reality."

Mike Feenan
Michael Feenan Vice President - INCO North America at Essity formerly SCA Personal Care

Where did the Atomic Management System come from?


Did you ever see someone great at their job, and they get promoted to manager, and you know they have no idea what they’re doing?

That was me – when I went from customer service to customer service manager.

I felt like I couldn’t make anyone happy.

If I made my boss happy, my employees were mad at me, and if my employees were happy management was made at me.

One day I went to lunch with Bob who was the top manager in our company.

I asked him, “How do I become a great manager like you?”

He put his soup spoon down, looked me in the eye and said, “All you have to do is three things!”

“Number one, tell your employees what to do, how to do it, and what happens to them if they don’t do it!”

“Number two, find out what your boss likes inside and outside of work and start doing it.”

“Number three, get into work before anyone else and leave after everyone.”

I’m thinking “man that sounds horrible.” But I didn’t say that to him.

I said, “Bob, I was thinking more along the lines of telling my employees what my goals are, working with them to achieve them.”

He laughed and said “yea – that’s what everyone thinks at first but - it doesn’t work.”

I figured what do I have to lose. What I was doing wasn’t working so I’ll give it a try.

And you know what?

Productivity went up and costs went down fast.
But it didn’t make me any friends.

In fact, I overnight went from being the young guy everyone loved working with to the snot-nosed kid know it all, that no one wanted to be around.

I didn’t feel good about myself.

I don’t know if this ever happened to you but one day Nancy my top customer service person came to my desk with a pile of papers in her hand and asked me how to do something.

About half way through my explanation I said, “Tell you what Nancy, let me have it – I’ll do it – It’ll take me longer to show you how to do it than me doing it myself.”

I took her pile of papers and put them on my pile and got back to work.

Before I knew it, I looked up from my computer and I was the only one there.

Then Bob walked from the kitchen and said, “hey Mike I just made a fresh pot of coffee.”

I looked down on my desk and still had a pile of papers, hours’ worth of work.

That’s when I realized that just to keep up, I was coming in earlier and working later.

Forget about personal life. That was long gone.

I don’t know if you ever felt this way, but I knew something had to change, or I was going to have to change careers.

I couldn’t do this anymore.

I decided I was going to find a way to get the same results, but achieve my goals by working with my employees and get them to do the work.

So, I started reading management books, management articles and I even went to a few of those one-day management courses, you know the ones at hotels.

I tried lots of ideas and found two concepts that when I put them together, it got my employees excited to fix problems, do the work and not hate me.

So, I started using this system for everything.
All of a sudden, some of my top employees started to come to me with ideas on how to get more work done.

I actually was able to leave work at a normal hour.

Life was good.

Then, Nancy came to me and said, “I can’t do it anymore if something doesn’t change, I’m going to have to quit.”

I looked at her and said “Nancy two days ago you told me how great things were running. What’s changed?”

She said, “Yea they are running better.”

“But it’s only better because me and a couple of other people were pulling ALL the load.”

She said, “Mike you’re not holding EVERYONE accountable anymore, and It’s not fair!”

I felt myself getting defensive when I realized she was right.

I was so happy things were running so well and leaving work at a normal hour that I ignored the major flaw in my system.

I stopped holding everyone accountable.

I was bummed out.

But I couldn’t go back to the way things were.

So, I started looking for a way to get the same results but hold everyone accountable without having everyone hate me.

During my research I discovered an easy system that holds people accountable and here’s the best part.

They take responsibility for their job.

Now, if they didn’t achieve their goals it wasn’t my fault it was theirs.

I tried it and it worked!

Life was good again!

One day Bob and I were at lunch.
He seemed nervous and I wondered what was wrong.

Then he said, “how do you do it?”

I said, “do what?”

He said, “get the results you get and have your team so happy to work for you.”

“Plus, you don’t seem to be living here anymore”.

I gotta tell you the fact that my management mentor was asking me for management advice made me realize I was on to something.

And that system I developed by combining three separate ideas together is now the foundation for what I call the Atomic Management System.

You probably don’t have the same management titles that I had or maybe you work in a different industry but if your managing people, the Atomic Management system applies to you.

Unfortunately, most managers learn how to manage by using what worked for them in their old job.

It’s so difficult to be successful that way because the skills you developed aren’t always effective in your next position.

But the essential skills you need when managing and leading people are universal.

I used the Atomic Management system to manage customer service, purchasing, warehouse workers, delivery drivers, and sales.

I know it works because I spent 27 years developing, perfecting and mastering it!



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